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 "Children Playing in the Woods" Enamel on copper, signed Max Karp
Painting enamel on copper by Max Karp "Children Playing in the Woods" One of Americas favorite ..
 Painting, Enamel on Copper Children Playing by "Max Karp""
Enamel on copper Signed Max Karp. Children playing in the woods  with sailboats on the lake&nbs..
19th Century Dutch Oil on Canvas
19ct, Dutch Oil on Canvas w/t very ornate original frame Size 34" x 22,5" and o/d size 41"x 29 ..
Framed Canvas Dockyard Scene Signed 1900's
Oil/on/canvas Dockyard Scene Signed 1900's Canvas size 41' x 24"  Framed 47" x 31" ..
Oil on Canvas signed " Tito Conti"
Tito Conti   1842-1924  Boston MA. Genre , Portraits, Landscapes,Cardinals, Hussars, ..
Painting  Cotton Fields signed Marcel Stockmands
Painting  The Cotton Fields  signed Marcel Stockmand 1963 ..
Print,Signed  Tom Sellers  " BOAT DAY"
Print Signed Tom Sellers  "BOAT DAY" 194/500 22.5" x 16.5"      ..